Book Projects

Structures of Corruption & Contention in Africa

My dissertation looks at the important ways in which different types of corruption affect contentious citizen responses to the government. In doing so, it begins to disaggregate corruption from an unwieldy monolith into more recognizable typologies of corruption. In particular, I focus on two aspects of corruption: the type of violation embedded in each corrupt act and the distribution of ill-gotten corrupt ‘spoils’ that are generated by the action.

Capturing the State: Networks of Corruption in African Democracies

The proposed research will provide the basis for my second book project, currently entitled, “State Capture in Africa.” This book project will cover several important aspects of state capture. First, it will cover the means by which states are captured. Second, it will measure the role that state capture plays in generating (or perhaps weakening) political stability. Third, it will measure how captured states use the monopoly of violence to repress critical voices that challenge the regime.